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Local Love

Buzzub makes local shopping a fun and rewarding experience. The sense of community, augmented with incentives and rewards, brings back the buzz to the local shopping hub.

Save, Where You Are

Merchants publish fresh coupons, accessible instantly in your locality. Shoppers can take advantage of instantaneous offers to save money where they live and shop.

Cash Back to Come Back

Merchants give cash back rewards to the consumer's mobile wallet. Consumers reward merchants by coming back to spend in the community, or donate to a local charity.

Products & Pricing

For businesses: Our entry level product is absolutely free! Start with that, or pick one of our premium options

"Free For Ever" Guarantee! No set-up fees, no monthly fees, no usage fees. Issue your own web coupons, change at will. Publish coupons on our app, on our point of sale displays. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ready. Easiest way to get your "feet wet" with Buzzub at zero cost.

Basic features plus more. Multi-coupon capability and sophisticated analytics, just to name a couple of the more advanced features, make this package a significant upgrade. Yet, there are no setup/per-use fees or contract terms, just a low monthly or annual charge.

Unlimited cashback rewards to yours customers. A classy approach to rewards. Acquire new customers easily. Change offers dynamically. Coupon capability included. Increase margins. Increase customer loyalty. Affordable, no contract term.

Love your Buzzub

Shoppers interact with Buzzub with a free, simple app (available on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store), which lets you keep track of all your coupon offers and holds your reward money securely. You can earn and spend your rewards as you please at all participating merchants. You can even donate any reward balance to your favorite charity! Don't have a smart phone? No worries, we've got you covered, as long as you have a text-capable phone. But, if you do have a smart phone, go ahead, try out the app, and see if you love it as much as our other customers do.

Buzzub at BookSmart

Brad Jones, co-owner of BookSmart in Morgan Hill, a small business owner and "Shop Local" advocate, gives high marks to the Buzzub program.

Buzzub at GVA Cafe

Renée Carillo, owner of the Grinds, Vines and Automobilia Cafe in Morgan Hill, and former race car driver, talks about how Buzzub puts her Cafe in the fast lane.

Customer Showcase

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Ready for the Comeback?

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About Buzzub

Buzzub was founded on the principle that a thriving local shopping economy is vital to the happiness of the community.

We are committed to bringing new products and services that harness the best of mobile and cloud-based technologies to benefit everyday shoppers and small business merchants.

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